Food Donation – Why donate?

Hunger is the most devastating problem in our nation. Thousands of people die due to starvation. There are certain unprivileged sections of the society who suffer more than anyone in terms of hunger.  So there are NGOs that organize fundraisers, drives etc to support the unprivileged sections with food. Food Donations are made for the unprivileged sections to ensure they don’t struggle for food and hunger. Donations made for these sections of the society, signifies extending helping hands towards them for their well being.

Food donations are mutually beneficial-
  • Giving to the unprivileged gives new data and uncovers an alternate mark of perspectives about various social issues like vagrancy, craving or destitution.
  • For some, donating is a stage for thinking about the issues encompassing that specific need.
  • Charity is an incredible method to improve the conditions in local areas countering neediness, hunger, simultaneously helping at well being satisfaction, generosity, and solid networks.
  • To the benefactor, there occurs a great tranquil feeling determining satisfaction with themselves and reducing and stress. Those who assist the destitute with getting the advantages in life get certain advantages themselves too like a more grounded resistant framework, expanded energy, lesser agony, and lower circulatory strain.

Bindura Foundation works for the welfare of the society and for helping out the needy.  Connect with and participate in their donation drives, campaigns and all other events to contribute towards the well being of the unprivileged.




Help the Predicament of Oppressed Children (Second wave of Covid-19)

Seething across India is the rush of the second huge wave of this extremely devastating pandemic. Those hailing from oppressed networks are struggling the most out of all.

Likewise, with emergence of the Black, white and the yellow Fungus, it has become extremely important to look into the matter and get all the basic prerequisites needed to overcome such extreme conditions.

Now, the main thing focuses on the fact that the second wave has likewise seen an increment in the quantity of youngsters’ Covid cases. This disturbing circumstance should be controlled by all means.

Bindura Foundation has been aimed to help the predicament of oppressed children.

Talking about measures-

  • It is fundamental to sharpen networks about avoiding potential risk of contaminations, and the superstitions related to tests and immunizations causing health hazards, to fight the subsequent wave. In order to help comprehend the numerous inquiries, wellbeing measures and immunizations should be thoroughly examined.
  • Clinical guide about factors like oxygen supply and the various ways to tackle with the situation needs to be made known to the public. And the best way to do so is by arranging meetings or campaigns to spread awareness.
  • Do you know what influences the young ages’ wellbeing and health the most? The main factor is nutritional food. Legitimate nourishments, opportune vaccination or appropriate medical care guarantees good health and should not be depriortized. 
  • Due to the pandemic, many lost their jobs and every problem may it be malnutrition, improper vaccination or medical care revolves around this one factor. But, giving emphasis on proper vaccination, and health care should remain uncompromised. Proper vaccination to the children to avoid other lethal disease infections and proper care of lactating and pregnant moms should not be compromised. Also, maintaining hygiene is the most important factor to avoid any infection. Especially menstrual hygiene.
  • To ensure safety of the children and protection from any sort of exploitation, digging out cases of child abuse and labour needs to be done and handled responsibly. But first, making the public know how this is a crime and has an extremely devastating impact on the children needs to be brought into light.
  • The worst affected are the orphans. They done have any assistance and thus are not well nourished or vaccinated and are at greater risks or infections. Providing  them assistance is important.
  • As the normal lives of the children are being affected, it is important to plan how to lessen these negative impacts. Children are unable to attend classes and are deprived from acquiring knowledge. And it is affecting their future too. So, in order to make sure this does not turn worse and there isn’t a huge gap in their education, online sessions and guides needs to be provided to them. 

All the above mentioned situations needs to be looked into and should not be depriortized. Thus, Bindura Foundation is working to assist the ones in need and ensure that every problem is tackled properly, starting from campaigns, awareness programmes and donation drives. Your donations will help protect the fate of kids and can be the cause of a great change. Show your supporting endeavours towards Bindura Foundation ( 

The situation is extremely hard for everybody and Bindura Foundation is ready to extend helping hands.

Thank you for your time.