Volunteer your time for a cause

As a corporate you want to play an active role in bringing change in people’s lives? We share your vision of social responsibility and sustainability. We have been working with the most marginalized communities for past 4 years to create impact on their lives. We work with communities as an equal partner and believe in community driven solutions. Real and long-lasting change can only be ushered in when all of us come together to make it possible. Inclination towards social responsibility and contribution to sustainable development is fast becoming the mark of distinction for leading corporate and top brands.

Corporate Social Responsibility for NGOs is the continuous commitment of a corporate body to improve community well-being through discretionary business practices and ethical contributions of corporate resources. Integrating social, environmental and ethical responsibilities into the governance of businesses ensures their long term success, competitiveness and sustainability. CSR initiatives facilitate corporate to build a dominant brand that reverberates with their key stakeholders — customers, employees, government and general public.


  • Community centric and community driven solutions and impacts
  • A mutually consultative approach
  • Delivery of solutions to the most important needs of the communities
  • Robust programme and financial systems ensuring proper programme implementation and reporting
  • A delivery capacity of the solution with quality people, processes and systems
  • Multitude of work themes allowing you to pick and choose an area of your interest


We strive to develop our programmes with the involvement of the communities we claim to work with. This makes transparency a dual responsibility for us – we are accountable to you, our donor and we are equally responsible to the communities we work with. This will be visible in the way we report back- while we send updates, event reports, regular reports to our funders, we also ensure that the money we spend on a community is known to them.


Our corporate partnership is active and growing. We are currently partnering with socially responsible corporates on diverse causes like Women, Child education with special emphasis on girl child education, sustainable agriculture, climate change, bonded labours, skill building for informal sector workers and their livelihoods, urban poverty, emergencies and disasters.