The most diverse and energetic group of the population is the youth. With about 65 percent of the population under the age of 35, India is one of the world’s youngest countries. While most developing countries face the threat of an aging population, India’s demographic profile is projected to be very favorable. It is critical that the economy be able to sustain the growth in the labor force, and that young people have the necessary schooling, training, health literacy, and other enablers to contribute productively to the economy.

This necessitates the entire nation’s contribution to the all-round growth of India’s youth, so that they can reach their full potential and contribute productively to the nation-building process. This will be accomplished by inspiring young people. The conditions and influences that promote the growth of citizenship and productiveness among young people as they transition into adulthood, according to the United Nations Human Settlements Program (UNCHS-Habitat). It is concerned with adapting government systems and organizations to protect and deliver children’s, youths’, and human rights, including the freedom to participate.

Bindura Foundation promotes the harnessing and cultivation of youth’s unlimited talent and energies for their growth and success, thus transforming them into harbingers of progressive social change.

How do we empower the youth?

Let us discuss the various ways in which Bindura foundation can help you

Career counselling

Bindura Foundation's Youth Empowerment Mission includes Career Guidance for students, as well as Industry Expert Interaction Sessions for directing them with the theme "How to Build Future?" Students are introduced to both traditional and non-traditional options for securing their futures. Youth sessions focused on personality development, communication skills improvement, and inspiration to have a good outlook when dealing with life's ups and downs.

Encouraging employability

The vision of the Bindura Foundation is to empower young people to create a healthy, unified, progressive, and sustainable community. Bindura Foundation uses the 3E formula to inspire youth: Encourage, Educate, and Employ. Bindura Foundation's Skilling to Employment initiative aims to improve employability of youth from politically, socially, and geographically disadvantaged backgrounds. Bindura Foundation educates BPL youth in high-demand skills so that they can benefit themselves and their communities.

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